About Us


Our mission is to provide you Rental Technology Solutions that increase your revenue, make your work life easier, and reduce the headache of having to research hundreds of technology solutions on your own.

Our technology consultants are dedicated to researching and customizing each solution so that it will meet your needs. We value each of our clients and want to see each of them thrive and succeed.

Our team is made up of designers and developers throughout the United States. Each team member specializes in a different area such as networks, api integrations, app development, web development, or branding design. Our head office is located in the beautiful Central Coast of California.

Rental Tech Consultants is headed up by Kevin Javitz who loves researching the latest technology solutions and sharing insights with our clients. He has worked on developing rental software for over 8 years using various technology platforms such as Magento 2 Rental Extension, WordPress, and Shopify. He graduated from Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo from the school of business with a specialty in Industrial Technology.