Rental Software Reviews

In Depth Rental Software Reviews

Below you’ll find reviews of Rental Software that is currently on the market. We spend quality time with each solution and post plenty of screenshots so you can get an idea of what will work best for your company.

Checkfront Review

Overview Checkfront aims to be a booking and reservation system not just for physical products, but also for accomodations, appointments, tours, and activities. They have an extensive integration center as well so you can integrate with Tripadvisor, Zoho, Google Drive, and lots of other services. Where Checkfront suffers though is with their their online store.

Booqable Review

Overview Booqable is a simple Rental Software but in a good way. You can get a good feel for Booqable after using it for only an hour and setup your rental products and custom fields. The admin interface is beautifully designed and runs AMAZINGLY fast. Booqable supports barcodes, custom fields, complex pricing structures, and a.

TapGoods Pro Review

Overview TapGoods Pro is more of a narrow niche type rental software specifically aimed at Party and Event Rental Companies. They are quite new to the marketplace (website lists them as starting working for rentals in 2017). The system is quite feature complete and runs quickly in a web browser. The user interface looks great.

EZ Rent Out Review

Overview EZ Rent Out is a great “everyman’s” Rental Software it will meet the needs of many rental businesses. Using EZ Rent Out in general is a pleasant experience we could find most features and settings without looking too hard. The menus and buttons are laid out in a logical way. EZ Rent Out is.